Social Media – Task 2: Social Media Strategy

Microsoft & and the brand’s online presence


Microsoft is a multinational technology company that develops, manufactures, licenses and sells computer software, electronics, personal computers and services. The company’s online presence is everywhere and this is vital to their brand value and their success as a company. There are three types of media within Microsoft’s online presence. This is owned, bought and earned media.

A print advertisement by Microsoft for their mobile device product ‘Microsoft Lumia 540’

Microsoft’s owned media is any media or social media platform that the company own or have control on. For example, the company own their website and publish and design their own content that is seen by existing customers, potential customers and the general public. Other examples of their owned media include their social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Microsoft do not technically own their social media accounts, however they have full control of them and do not have to pay for the service. This enables them to post updates, news, information and content on their platforms without having many restrictions.



‘Bought’ or ‘paid’ media is anything a company pays for. Predominantly relating to advertising. This includes television, radio, print or display advertisements, promoted posts on Facebook and sponsored tweets on Twitter. Being a multinational and highly well-known company, Microsoft regularly have adverts on mainstream television channels. This method of advertising reaches out to a mass market. The company will be able to afford to advertise in this way regularly and this can be profitable and rewarding. Microsoft sponsor many events and sports teams including the NFL, Seattle Reign Football Club and many others. By paying the organisation for the sponsorships, Microsoft can then expose their brand and company presence.


Microsoft’s earned media is mostly out of their control. It is the publicity created by customers and the general public about the products, services or the company themselves. High quality performance in Microsoft’s products and services can help the company receive a positive response from the media. Examples of earned media include online reviews, blogs and articles, and any social media interaction such as retweets, likes, comments and shares. All of these posts are responses and opinions from customers and the public about the company.


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