Pre-production Techniques – Assignment 5 – Task 1: Industry Practice

Analysis and Creative Thinking

Below is an image of a mind map created to demonstrate the ideas behind Brighton as a digital hub. It lists the facts that are related to Brighton in the digital media sector and all the events that take place within the area.

WP_20170310_14_38_00_Pro (1)

Below is a moodboard I have created to showcase BrightonSEO – a conference event held in the city aimed at people who work in SEO, PPC and search marketing. The moodboard was created by assembling many different images that have a connection with the event or search marketing. It fits in with the idea that Brighton is a digital hub with images of packets of information spread across many different screens and devices. BrightonSEO is a network event that helps employees in this sector to build working relationships, learn new skills/techniques and to get clients. It is a yearly event that attracts up to 3,500 people held at the Brighton Centre. It is one of the biggest digital events in Brighton.

Finished moodboard.png

There are also many other digital events in the city that take place on a yearly basis. Brighton Digital Festival takes place every September with over 190 events taking place from small network meetings to large conferences. Brighton also has its own Digital Catapult Centre, that focuses on projects that encourage innovation. It has a programme of events to help create opportunities for digital businesses and individuals in the sector. Another digital event is the Brighton Game Collective which is a game development co-working space and community hub. It offers an opportunity for freelancers and small teams to setup work and projects at the Game Collective offices.


Logo Design

The image below has been created as the logo, name and slogan of the planned website. I have created this design with the intention to highlight and promote Brighton as a digital hub. The logo represents the planned website that will promote Brighton’s upcoming digital events by publishing a large amount of information and multimedia content regarding the events. (font for logo – reckoner – dafont)


Below is another moodboard this time using different logos from companies, events and festivals in the digital media sector.

Moodboard logo designs.png


Ideas for 4 page promotional website

HomepageĀ  – the homepage is the visitor’s first destination and therefore first impression of the website.

  • Slideshow of relevant images promoting Brighton’s digital events taking up the majority of the page
  • Additional smaller relevant images
  • Social media links at the top right hand corner of the page
  • Links to other pages of the webpage at the top of the page beneath the logo (top left)
  • Text providing a summary of the importance of Brighton’s contributions towards digital activity, the purpose of the website and the purpose and importance of Brighton’s digital events.

Events – the events are the digital aspects I have chosen to promote. These include:

  • Brighton Digital Festival
  • Brighton Game Collective
  • BrightonSEO
  • Develop Conference Brighton

There will be information regarding the key details, ticketing details, venue details and organiser details for each event on this page of the website. There will be text, imagery and video on the events page.

Get Involved – this page will encourage people to get involved with the events. This includes the events themselves, details about learning new digital skills and information for people thinking about holding their own event in Brighton.

Contact us – this page will allow visitors to contact the website about anything regarding the events or anything digital and Brighton related. This page will include a digital map to help visitors navigate where in Brighton the events will take place.

Ideas and plans for 4 page promotional website. Ideas can either be sketches on paper and then uploaded to the blog, or detailed in a bullet-point list on the website.


Wireframe sketches

Home page

Homepage Wireframe

Events Page

Events Page Wireframe

Get Involved page

Get Involved Page Wireframe

Contact us page

Contact Us Page Wireframe



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