Assignment 7 – Effective Presentation Techniques and Evaluation

Task 1: Examples of Effective Presentation Techniques

There are many different ways to present information or a piece of work to a group of individuals:


Posters are a simple form of presenting information. They are often used in advertising to promote a particular product or service. Posters present information through the use of images and text. A limitation with posters is all the content has to fit on one page.



Flip Chart

A flip chart is another method of presentation. This usually involves several diagrams and charts being used for statistics, sales and results and the pitching of ideas. It is also used for analysing data and trends. Limitations include unclear information (dependent on handwriting) and it uses more resources (i.e. pen and paper).


Verbal Presentation 

Talking to an audience can be an effective method of presentation. Presenters can interact with their audience, with Q&As an option after the presentation. Disadvantages include information can be forgotten unless it is written down or recorded. It can also be unclear if speech isn’t at the correct volume.

Projector screen

This mainly involves using PowerPoint on a computer or laptop to be projected to a large screen for the audience. The projector allows for information to be shown digitally. The presenter can flick through slides of a presentation using a remote (if accessible) or using the mouse or keyboard from the computer. Images, test, video, diagrams and charts can all be displayed on the screen for easier demonstration. A limitation is that there could be technical issues with the projector or the computer.



Producing and presenting a video is an effective method of presenting information. It can be a clearer and more professional way of presenting. It is also a successful tool to keep the audience’s attention. A limitation is that there is no 1-1 interaction with the audience.


Video conferencing

This is another effective method of presenting information. Speech and body language is exchanged between the two parties. Video conferences often take place between colleagues of the same company from different branches, or in some cases from different companies for business-to-business discussions and meetings. It allows for meetings to take place in two different locations for the convenience of the colleagues in their workplace. A limitation is that it can be difficult for colleagues to exchange information in the form of videos, diagrams and any other digital files. Information exchanged in the conference will also have to be written down to reduce the risk of forgotten or lost information.



Task 2: Justification of Effective Presentation Techniques

A video of my presentation can be found at on my portfolio.


Task 3: Evaluation of Presentation

After completing my website build, I choose to present this during my presentation. I made the decision to present the website through a large screen connected to and showing my computer screen because it was the clearest and easiest way to demonstrate the performance of my website. It also allowed me to switch from different screens quickly to show information and work I have completed while still keeping the audience’s attention.

During my presentation I mentioned the pre-production stage of my website build including the initial ideas and planning for the website including ideas for name, logo and design. This was demonstrated as I showed a moodboard I had created for the possible logo designs, a wireframe was showed to the audience for them to see what I was initially trying to achieve with the layout, and finally I showed the final website build for the audience to see the differences between the pre-production stage and the final finished project. After showing the pre-production documents, I then navigated the audience through my website build showing them all the pages and features. After this, I switched screen to Dreamweaver where my coding was visible. I then explained and highlighted the importance of several lines of code of the website. This included meta tags, the link between each HTML document and the CSS stylesheets, the navigation bar in the form of an unordered list, hyperlinks to each page of the site, external sites and an email hyperlink and an iframe tag for embedding a Google maps feature and a YouTube video.

The use of electronics for the presentation included AirPlay – this is a tool that allows an Apple Mac to be mirrored to another screen, either a monitor or a television. I also had to copy my files to a USB memory stick to receive the files on the Mac as I was previously using a ThinkPad laptop with a Windows operating system.

I received feedback from two members of my class. This was for the performance, delivery and content of the presentation.


Feedback from Maisie:

  • “Kieran went into enough detail of the features of his website allowing for an appropriate duration of his presentation.
  • He knew what he was talking about, particularly with the coding of his website.
  • He spent too long looking at the computer screen and not enough time looking at the audience and the camera.
  • The coding was small and therefore difficult to read. At this point of the presentation, the screen could have been zoomed in.”


Feedback from Rose:

  • “Straightforward presentation that covered all stages of his project.
  • It was good that he reverted back to the planning and research of each element.
  • The presentation was a little difficult to follow at times.
  • Would have liked more detail in each page.”


Effective Presentation Techniques Witnessed

I gave feedback to Maisie and Rose in relation to their performance of their own presentation. I witnessed some effective presentation techniques. Maisie, who worked as a digital apprentice for a fashion brand, provided the audience with examples of her employer’s work. This was a ‘snapback cap’ and is one of her employer’s products. This was effective because it gives the audience an idea of the type of work that was put in to create the product and it demonstrates the final stage of the project. It was relevant because the presentation was about the product life cycle of that particular product.

Rose also used an effective presentation technique. She used graphs and charts to demonstrate website traffic from one of her current projects. These charts showed the number of visitors to a website over the period of a month and it also showed the age range and region of the visitors for a more accurate report of the average visitor. Graphs and charts are effective when presenting a piece of work because they are very clear and professional and they can easily get a point across, particularly when comparing two different items.




I believe my main strengths were knowledge of the project and use of time. I presented my website design and I knew how I integrated each stage of the project from the pre-production to the coding. I believe I presented well in particular when I split the screen between my website build and my coding and explained how the coding produced each aspect of the website. This was noticed and praised by Maisie when she gave feedback.


Compare to Maisie and Rose

Overall, the feedback was predominantly positive. The other comments of feedback were helpful because they will be used to improve my presentation skills in terms of performance, speech, delivery and content. Feedback from Maisie was given in the form of speech, and Rose’s feedback was written down and handed directly to me.


Task 5 – Since your presentation at college, see

  • Can you give me or describe examples of effective presentation techniques you witnessed.
  • How do you evaluate yourself, with others, areas of strength and weakness, in relation to own presentation performance?




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