Assignment 5 – Task 4: Project Management


This report will outline how the project has been managed ensuring that all details and tasks are completed sufficiently. I set myself targets that had to be achieved, such as working from home to ensure that I had completed the sufficient amount of work to complete a target. Even though this involved extra work, it ensured the work did not build up. Therefore, this gave me enough time to finish work without rushing and risking the quality. Good project management has an increasing effect on the success of the project.


Client Meetings

There was one client meeting for this project. This took place between myself and the media team at Brighton Digital Festival. This was to agree on conditions that granted me permission to use the organisation’s video on my website. This video promotes their event and is suitable for the theme of my website.


How pre-production was used within the project

This project was also managed through the pre-production documents. Here are some documents produced and how they are used to manage the project:

  • Mind map / Mood board / Wireframe / Design Concepts – these documents built the idea for the website including its logo, imagery, layout and colour scheme.
  • Proposal – this document ensured the purpose of the website was clear and ensured that tasks were realistic and accurate.
  • Site map – to ensure that the coding of the website builds a layout and navigation that is representing the planned site map.
  • Asset list – to ensure that all assets and resources can be obtained during the production of the project.
  • Risk assessment and health and safety documents – these documents helped to prevent personal harm, danger and equipment damage by informing of all hazards that may occur during the project.
  • Budget – the budget helps the management of the project as it directly approves or disapproves of any purchases or operational costs.
  • Contingency Plan – ensuring all potential change of events are dealt with accordingly to save time, money and promote productivity.
  • Production schedule – this is one of the most important documents for the management of the project. The production schedule outlines all tasks, resources and personnel needed for each stage of the project (initial research, design, coding and testing). It also indicates when tasks and stages are expected to be completed.


Changes to original plan

The main change from my original planning to my project production is the visual design of the homepage. I produced wireframe documents for each of my pages. While the events, get involved and contact us pages all remained the same, the home page consisted of several changes from its original wireframe. The changes were predominantly the positioning of elements on the page such as the logo (which was centered instead of floating to the left) and the navigation bar (which was aligned to the left instead of centered). I also made the decision to display less text on the home page and adding one paragraph instead of the planned three. An image slideshow idea was scrapped and four images aligned neatly replaced the idea.

There was also some minor changes to the logo I created for the website. There were several drafts created before the final logo was decided and complete. The minor changes included a basic image created to accompany the text. This was made simply by drawing shapes and filling in colours using the image editing software GIMP. This added variety to my logo. Another change was a line break in the slogan. This read “Keep up to date with the latest around one of the U.K’s largest digital hubs”. A line break was inserted in after ‘latest’ and this made use of empty white space within the logo.


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